Resident of the Month

At Oasis Pavilion, we recognize outstanding resident involvement. Please join us as we say “thank you” to each member who earns resident of the month here at Oasis Pavilion.


Charles Shields
June 2018

Molly Enos
May 2018

Jolly Williams
April 2018

Charles Shields
March 2018

Eva Sanchez
February 2017

Andrew Bruner
January 2018

Jess White
December 2017

Joyce Gonzales
November 2017

Joe Lopez
October 2017

Ethel Greer
September 2017

Ethel Greer

Clayton Rushing
August 2017

Ernesto Perez
July 2017

Lupe Quezada
June 2017

Molly Enos
May 2017

Russell Romain
April 2017

Danny Ernst
March 2017

Tony Tewawina
February 2017

Joe Washington
January 2017