Employee Recognition

At Oasis Pavilion, we take great pride in our employees that choose to go above and beyond in their field of service. These employees have shown exceptional care and character to residents and staff alike. Please join us as we say “thank you” to each member who earns employee of the month here at Oasis Pavilion.

Eleanor G.
2020 Employee of the Year

Annie Felix
2019 Employee of the Year

Nikki M.
January 2021

Kesha B.
February 2021

J. Garcia
March 2021

Camilla M.
April 2021

Jackie G.
May 2021

Michele H.
June 2021

Rhoda S.
July 2021

Chasity A.
August 2021

Angelina O.
September 2021

M. Koya
October 2021