resident and her grand daughter laughing

Oasis Pavilion Staff
Your kindness & compassion mean more than you could ever know. Thank you very much for taking good care of our mom, grandmother & great grandmother.
~ Sincerely
w/Love Marcella & Family

To the team members of A-Wing:

I would like to thank each and every one of you for the great care. I was given while I was a patient at Oasis. Thank you again.
~ Mary T.

Oasis Pavilion Management and Caregivers

To management: I am so grateful that you allowed Jane N. to stay in the Oasis facility for the short time she was alive. The facility is outstanding in service and cleanliness and I know that Jane appreciated her short residence there.

To Hall A caregivers: You all showed exceptional kindness and professionalism in your treatment of Jane N., Rm 106, over the relatively short time she was with you. You all should be very proud of your responsible care for the Oasis residents. I can’t fully express, in words, my gratitude for your service. I want you to know the gratefulness I feel for you all who do such outstanding service for those who cannot any longer care for themselves. You are truly God’s children and servants.

Thank you all from the bottom of My heart.
~ Most sincerely James N.
Husband of the love of my life

“The staff was very professional and friendly, they helped me get better.”
~ Richard F.

Letter to the Editor, Honeybone
Casa Grande Dispatch
Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

After a recent fall at home, I found myself in Oasis Pavilion Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. I’d heard some not-so-good stories about nursing homes and I was concerned. No need! These people could not have been more caring or more concerned for my well-being and comfort. They took care of everything. All I had to do was get better.
Physical rehab started the second day. The therapists were very much aware of the injury and were careful how much they encouraged you to do. They had me and my broken femur up and walking (with a walker) within days.
Top-notch people! I would like to thank the entire staff of D Hall, the staff of physical rehab and the dining room staff. The in-house doctor was very helpful also. I didn’t include any names because I would have to list everyone I met!
Casa Grande is very lucky to have Oasis Pavilion.
~ Stephen H.

To whom it may concern,

We both want to say thank you for the service that Noel received at the Oasis. I would rate you as a 10!

~Mrs. N. Jones (Donna)

10 months ago

My mom was at this facility for nearly two weeks.
She said the staff was outstanding. They were caring and professional in every way. Special thanks to Ben, Kelly, Star, Ellie and Erica for their special help.
Their kindness will long be remembered.
~Allen Rogers

3 years ago
My Mom was in this facility for over two and half years, before her passing away in September. My Sister is still in this facility and has been there for over two years as well. Talking with the Nursing Staff and Support Staff, they’ve always been very supportive even when my sister is being difficult to work with. They’ve never been to busy or rude to us, when we are asking questions regarding care. We visit as much as we can but it means a lot to our family that these people are hard working and caring people. God Bless them, I couldn’t do what they do and keep on caring the way they do for their patients.
~Norman Collins

A year ago
Despite the challenges of running a skilled nursing facility, Oasis does a great job managing its rehabilitation center. The physical and occupational therapists work hand in hand and care about helping patients get back to their lives as soon as possible.
~Anthony Smith

5 years ago
I was at Oasis for 6 months due to an auto accident that crushed my foot. The staff was amazing. I got to know most of the staff very well. The nurses, Jesus, Courtney, Sharon, were so very good. The CNA’s were very good also. Maria, Tanya, Mira, Carmen, Georgia and many others made my stay delightful. But the best thing about my stay was the therapists. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have come as far as I have. Kelly, Christine, Tammy, Joe, Johanna, were all encouraging and helpful. They made me want to get better and back on my feet. I wish I could do more for them than post this review because they all deserve so much more.
~Debbie Gaxiola